Hey you!

I'm Aishwarya, just a small town girl driven by a strong urge to travel every time I get a chance and promote conscious living. Travel instills a sense of freedom inside me and suddenly I'm this happy little human filled with gratitude for the planet that we live in and everybody that's in it. I wish to use this platform to encourage and inspire everyone reading this, through my journey to get on the road and travel as often as you can because all we have is one life, and this planet being as versatile, big and breathtaking as it is, why not use our chance to explore, learn, unlearn, and dare to get out of our comfort zone, after all that is where the adventure lies and life isn't meant to be lived in one place. Not to mention talking about how the advantages of travel are manifold, how you can be anybody while you’re travelling and how the various experiences, discomfort and stories help in broadening your perspective and makes you grow into a much better version of yourself. Travel is food for the soul. It enriches you from within.


Today’s world being all about luxury and glamour, I’d like to encourage and emphasize about how budget travel is something everyone should consider and how I’ve undertaken most of my trips within a limited budget and still been able to enjoy all that the destinations had to offer us. Trust me it’s not something to shy away from, in fact that is when you get to know your true potential and make some of the most memorable memories. Also, that explains the name of my blog "thrifty" tanlines. 


I’m a proud Malayali coming from God’s Own County, Kerala and I still have so much to see and experience back at home. I’ve done all my schooling in the Middle East and am currently just a fresh graduate of architecture in Delhi. I love art in any form and wish to do something in life which keeps my artistic side alive and lets me travel as much as I can.


It is during my college days that I realized about my yearning to explore new regions and cultures and ever since I haven’t let go of that feeling. The holidays and the long weekends got me excited the most which were earmarked for yet another trip.


Just thinking of the various landscapes and topographies out there that I’ve yet to explore gets me restless and that’s probably what keeps me going every day. I believe nature has the power to heal anything and with all its beauty it just leaves you in awe. So wake up the adventurer in you because the world wants to be explored. Waking up in an unknown village somewhere in the lap of nature sounds like the start of a perfect day to me, the possibilities of what could happen next are just endless.


So that’s a little something about me. I’m hoping to meet at least some of you on this wonderful journey.  

Happy travel!